“I am completely delighted with Samantha's Chair Yoga class. It has helped me to maintain and enhance my balance, so important as we age, and develop more flexibility throughout my body. And equally important to me, she has guided me in learning how to relax, listen to my body and breathe so I am better able to cope with what life may bring. Thank you, Sam.”- R.M., 86 years old.

“As a resident of Stratford at Beyer Park for almost three years, I’ve participated in all of the exercise programs offered with gratitude. Of all of them, Mindful Movement with Sam leaves me with the greatest sense of personal fulfillment and peace.” -J.P., 92 years old.

"Sam's classes are always wonderful. She really is a very special and very engaging teacher. Her class is is a gift every time, I love her spirit." -L.B

"To say Sam is an amazing yoga teacher is an understatement. She never fails to remind her students to always be true to themselves. All yoga poses are practiced with intention and with mindful movements between transitions. These constant reminders from Sam makes my practice feel more authentic and I really feel the physical and mental connection, which I believe is one of the core goals when practicing yoga. I am forever grateful that I have the opportunity to have Sam in my practice. She always answers my questions and I LOVE her assists. I never feel I plateau. I LOVE her for this!" -D.A.

"About 2 years and 70 pounds ago, I began a journey to get control of my health. I started small, walking daily and light exercise, but even keeping it light, my weight caused problems with my knees and hips. After reading up on the benefits of yoga, I started looking for a place to begin a practice. I started attending hatha classes regularly, moved from walking to running, and then tried out a vinyasa class where I fell in love. A little over a year ago, I made my practice space at the Yoga Loft and started taking vinyasa regularly. The classes helped me get closer to my weight loss goals and I began to feel stronger. I wanted to take the Level 2 class, but was extremely intimidated. Samantha then substituted for one of my all levels classes and she radiated a genuine warmth and kindness that put me at ease. It was after meeting her that I decided to try and tackle her Level 2 class. Sam has the ability to make people comfortable in her classes no matter what level they are practicing, yet at the same time she’s able to push you to new limits without being aggressive. From her classes, I have a new found confidence in my abilities and I am much more likely to try new things and less fearful of failing at them. She creates an environment of learning about yourself physically and mentally and I am grateful to be her student and her friend." - H.J.