Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga offers your body the opportunity to release tension with comfort and ease. The use of props (blankets, bolsters) in this practice helps support your body to passively stretch and relax open.  All postures are practiced while seated or reclined. Like the name implies, this style is designed to “rest” and “restore” the body. Restorative yoga is proven to reduce blood pressure, muscle tension, insomnia, and improve body alignment, digestion, and overall well-being

This is a holistic practice that integrates deeply held yoga postures, gentle movement, healing touch and massage, breath work, and guided meditation to create an environment that supports the mind, body, and spirit in the process of healing. While everyone can benefit from this practice, restorative yoga is highly recommended for those with limited mobility or those recovering from injury, trauma, or illness.

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*I also offer private restorative sessions*

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